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A History of the Iranian Plateau, Rise & Fall of an Empire (iUniverse, 2011)

This book encompasses fifteen thousand years of history of Iranian civilization. The author has deciphered and condensed the recent archeological findings in the Iranian Plateau and has presented it in a comprehensible style for the readers. The book outlines the contribution of the ancient Iranian kings, poets, scientists, and scholars to our civilization. The establishment of the first democratic form of government and the fall and decay of this ancient civilization following the invasion of Arabs and Mongols is discussed. The belief system of Persians, their arts and architectural designs are reviewed. The contribution of the Pahlavi kings to women rights, education and modernization which was followed by a rigid theocracy rule should engage the interest of the readers.

My Loyal and Trusted Companion in a Far Away Land: A Novel (Publish America, 2010)

Bahman was the product of a divorced family in lran and was forced to reside with his father in another city. His dog was his best companion. However the dog was not welcomed by his father's new bride who considered him to be Najes. Although the dog was ignored, he was able to gain the trust and the respect of the family members when he unselfishly saved the life of a member of the family in a drowning accident. The readers and in particular dog lovers should enjoy reading this novel which was inspired by true events.

Homeland Sweet and Bitter Memories (Publish America, 2009)

Fatemeh and Mina were two dear friends who attended the public school in Iran. In contrast to Fatemeh who was raised in a progressive family, Mina's family were extremely religious; attended the neighborhood mosque and followed the advice and sermons of the local Preacher. The storey becomes more interesting as this two friends grow older and each one followed a different path in their personal and social lives. The plot is engaging and should be of interest to the readers.

Uncle Cyrus' Farm: A Memoir of Khorso (Publish America, 2009)

In this book Khosro who was raised in an educated family and had benefited from the modernization efforts of the Pahlavi administration. He shares with the readers his childhood experiences. This is a story of life in Iran, the summer vacations in a family owned farm, the festive times, the unorthodox dating and naughty sex, the family struggle with mental retardation, marriage, happy and not so happy times all of which should engage the readers interest.

Iran: An Ancient Culture Struggling to Define Its Identity and Form of Government (Publish America, 2009)

In this book the author has reviewed the contribution of the pre-Islamic Persian culture, their believe system, the writings of their philosophers and poets to the present Iranian society. In addition the influence of Islam on the general population is discussed.

Finding Refuge. Shirin Kambin Timms with Parviz Kambin (iUniverse, 2007)

Meetra's life in Iran is all that she could want. Her husband, Omar, is a high-ranking official with the Shah's army, they have a beautiful son, and she lives a luxurious life. But after her husband's tragic death in the midst of the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Meetra suddenly becomes a threat to the new regime. To protect herself and her young son, Meetra flees her home, forced to trust those who could be the enemy. Her perilous flight takes her across the border into Pakistan and eventually, to the unfamiliar shores of America. After leaving all she knows behind, Meetra finds herself living in Michigan where she discovers solace in a sewing circle with other refugee women from many different countries. Even with the chaos she escaped, Meetra is hard pressed to answer the question, "What brought you here?" Rich with multicultural detail, emotion, and suspense, Finding Refuge is a heartening portrait of a mother's love for her son and of one woman's unyielding spirit.

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